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Welcome to Restaurant Meraki!

The word Meraki comes from the Greek language, which means to do something wholeheartedly, creatively and with heart! 

Meraki restaurant is located in the heart of the old town of Haapsalu, and our mission is to bring healthy, tasty and sustainable food to locals and guests. 


Our ingredients are carefully selected and each dish is prepared with a lot of love, passion and heart to ensure the best quality for our guests.

We also place great emphasis on hospitality, so that our visitors always feel good and cared for with us!




A piece of Greece and the charm hidden in simplicity

Meraki headchef Eddie from Greece has been living and working in Estonia for the past 9 years. Starting from washing dishes in the kitchen at the age of 16 and later making pizzas, he became interested in going to school to study cooking. 

Working at local restaurants and hotels in Athens, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and Syros, Eddie got to enjoy traveling in Europe during the winter time. Meeting many new people and working in different kinds of restaurants, bars and hotels in various European cities Eddie was able to acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills, including getting experience in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Eddie put the wisdom gathered on his journey into practice when creating the Pärnu Oregano restaurant and has been running it very successfully for more than 5 years. And out of a great desire to share food made with love and care with more people, life brought Eddie together with Mari and Andres Sikkal, who also had a passion to run a lovely restaurant in Haapsalu, and together with a great team got created our lovely Meraki restaurant in the heart of small Haapsalu.

Eddie's passion is to create delicious and simple dishes that reflect his extensive skills, give knowledge of healthy and high-quality foods which are inspired by his travels and rooted in long-standing Greek traditions.


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